The staffing industry does not have the best of reputations, and for good reason. Our goal is to provide a completely different experience.
We focus on tranparency, listening, and we know what makes for great tech talant.
Software Engineering
Software is in our blood, it is what we do. During our 17 years we have pretty much done it all, but our real talant is delivering on time, every time.
"The best software developers in the world
CTO, high impact tech company
(yes, he realy said that)
Some of Our Customers
Cable Broadband & TV
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Data Analytics & ML
Network and Cost Modeling
Full Stack & Mobile Apps
IOT (Smart Locks)
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Embedded Development
Dev Ops
Quality Engineering
Financial Tech
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Full Stack Web Apps
Quality Engineering
IOT (Boating and Leisure)
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Data Gathering & Analytics
Remote Deivce Monitoring
Full Stack Web Apps
Cable Broadband & TV
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Techincal Operations
Project Management
Quality Engineer
Networking Equipment
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System Deployment
Quality Engineering
Time Warner Cable
Cable Broadband & TV
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Ad Managment Platform
Interactive TV Apps
Video Software
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Embedded Development
Test Platform Development
Years in Business
Customers Served
Renewal Rate
"We are not buying Resources from Sentosa, we are buying Sentosa's Way of Resourcing
VP Product Development
Networking Software Company
Most recruiting companies treat staffing as a numbers game. They tend to submit any resume with the right buzzwords, to as many customers a possible, as fast as possible. We approach staffing differently. We screen with rigour, and we only provide you with candidates that we would hire ourselves. We invest significant time our proccess so that you don't have to.
Our contract renewal rate is nearly 80%. We honestly strive to provide our customers with talant that they are thrilled with, and our numbers show it.
Our Way of Resourcing
Complete Transparency
Complete Transparency's icon
We provide visibility into our margins, along with truly honest assessments of all candidates that we submit. If you ever feel that we are not acting in your best interest, then we have failed.
Rigorous Screening
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Our interviews are conducted by developers, not recruiters. Deep technical questions along with live coding challenges are the norm. We also pay close attention to a candidate's drama quotient.
Only Submit the Best
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Our reputation is at stake every single single placement. We would rather miss an opportunity than provide a poor candidate. "High Productivty, Low Drama", that is our focus.
We Only do Tech
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Sentosa is a technology company to the core, and we know what makes for great tech talent. Whether for our own projects or yours, finding outstanding developers is what we do best.
We Listen
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A deep understanding of your technical and cultural needs is the cornerstone of our process. We invest time and meaningful conversations with your team, and we speak your language.
Great Value
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A high a priced sales force? Company frills? These are not part of our business model. We are relentless about keeping our costs low, so that we can provide you with great talent at a great price.

We work with extraordinary talant from all over the world.

We have developers helping our customers from the countries below. This helps keep costs low, and allows us to work around the clock.
United States
Software Engineering
We live and breathe software. We've been doing it for 17 years. Every new project for us is as exciting as our first, and our greatest gratification comes from writing surprisingly great code that does exactly what you need.
Most importantly, just as software should strive to provide a great user experience, we strive to provide a great customer experience. This is what truly sets Sentosa apart. Complete transparency during the entire process, careful listening always, and developers that are a pleasure to work with. This is our way.
What We Are Really Good At
Full Stack Web Apps
Design / Front End / Back End / Data BaseSentosa has developed many large, data-intensive full-stack web applications. We have worked on IoT analytics and visualization systems, network edge compute discovery platforms, just to name a few. We love web development, and we excel at it.
Embedded Development
Device Drivers / Firmware / RTOSSentosa has worked in the telecommunications industry since our inception, allowing us to develop solutions for cable modems, routers, and set top boxes. In addition we have tackeled embeeded IoT and automotive platforms.